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Read article published on on April 18, 2012


My Neighbour Our Community211 North and the Questar's of the Sleeping Giant, a study group in Thunder Bay made up of individuals of diverse faith traditions joined together to produce a project in response to the financial crisis affecting Canadians and the group asked themselves what they could do to make a difference. The response was to develop a tool which could easily be used to educate people in the community on compelling issues faced by their neighbours – and the “My Neighbour – Our Community” project was born.

The project, consisting of a DVD and workbook highlights the struggles, and triumphs of five people in Thunder Bay living in poverty. The video will introduce you to Maggie, Bill, Ian, Kirsti and Patty. Maggie is a young Aboriginal woman living with a physical disability. Her story is about the changes in her life when forced to relocate from a remote reserve to an urban community. Like many in Thunder Bay Bill is struggling with the loss of employment. His story examines what it is like to lose a job, and the difficulties in navigating the systems in place to help the unemployed. Ian is a bright young man who found himself homeless and in conflict with the law. His story looks at the linkages between poverty, the lack of opportunities for youth, and the positive impact directed programs can have. Kirsti is a widow in poor health struggling to live on her husband’s pension and government assistance. Her story highlights the struggle of adjusting to new life circumstances in one’s older years. Lastly, Patty is a woman living on social assistance struggling to provide the best possible life for her children. Her story is about caring for children with disabilities, living on welfare, and the importance of a resilient personality in making it through.

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