Poverty Free Thunder Bay

Vision Statement:
Poverty Free Thunder Bay envisions all people working together to create a community free from poverty.
Mission Statement:
Poverty Free Thunder Bay is a coalition of concerned individuals, groups and organizations which advocates for change at the local, provincial and national level to eliminate poverty and its impact on our community.
1. Provide a forum for members to advocate and promote social change that will lead to the elimination of poverty
2. Educate the broader community on the issues relating to poverty through various outreach methods.
3. Consult with all levels of government and other community leaders in the fulfillment of the mission.
4. a) Engage individuals directly affected by poverty (lived experience) to identify issues and solutions to income insecurity.
b) Address systemic change in the long term, informed by individual experience, but not to address individual cases. 
  Poverty Free Thunder Bay
Postal Address:
c/o 184 Camelot St.,
Thunder Bay ON P7A 4A9

e-mail: povertyfreetb@gmail.com


1. Poverty Free Thunder Bay is accountable to everyone in the community of Thunder Bay, as well as to the membership.

We believe:
1. that the elimination of poverty requires broad community engagement and an
inclusive environment.
2. that all levels of government have a responsibility to all people.
3. that the elimination of poverty is both a moral and economic imperative.
4. that poverty negatively impacts all levels and segments of our society.
5. that everyone is responsible to work for a poverty free Thunder Bay.
1.a)  Policy and legislative change that will result in a poverty free community.
   b) Economic equality integrated in all government policy.
2. Broad community support for our mission and vision.
3. A well educated community that understands the impact of poverty.
4. A cooperative working relationship with those concerned with issues related to
5. Local documentation of the impacts of poverty; expanded local research capacity.
1. To develop, maintain and update a strategic plan to guide our actions towards poverty elimination.
2. a)To meaningfully engage and inform federal, provincial, and municipal officials, as
        well as representatives from all sectors of our society.
    b) To network with groups and individuals working to eliminate poverty.
3.  To use media, internet, workshops and presentations to educate the public and
      specific groups.
4. a)To establish ad hoc committees or working groups to address specific issues.
    b) To work toward a broad integrated system with more interface between the
5. To document local impacts of poverty and expand local research on this.
Poverty Free Thunder Bay is comprised of individuals, groups and organizations who are concerned about poverty in Thunder Bay. There are two types of membership those who wish to come to meetings and actively participate, and those who just wish to receive minutes. Any one organization or workplace shall only have one voting member at any one specific meeting; although more than one individual from an organization or workplace may be in attendance. A voting member may send an informed alternate with the authority to vote.  Some people cannot attend meetings during the day, and may wish to be active but unable to attend regularly.
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